Hydraulic Cutting Equipment

Hydraulic Cutting Equipment

Hydraulic Limited access saws, hydraulic hand saws, hydraulic gas and electric power units.

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Concrete Cutting Supplies

Review our concrete cutting supplies - chains, bars, diamond blades or diamond core bits.

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Hydraulic equipment builds specialized equipment for the concrete cutting, demolition and construction industry designed to have surgical like results when applied. The equipment is built with today’s technologies to deliver a more effective result. Our equipment originates from years of experience operating, maintaining and managing what we view as the “Tools of Our Trade”. Using our years of hands on experience we have identified equipment limitations and have designed our products to address them and overcome these challenges. Our focus is always to keep the designs simple to operate, ease of access to maintain and be able to operate safely.



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James Rosenblum

Tactical Concrete Cutting

I cannot say enough about Crete-Cut Equipment and the products they build. They have helped me make my business successful and have saved us on multiple jobs.


Ken Burton


Over the past three years we have used the hydraulic concrete saw the Crete-Cut Team developed and from my experiences it has a huge cutting advantage. It also replaces the need for an electric saw for interior work. Additionally, they have kept us in the game many times with repairs, blades, chains and rentals, thanks guys.

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